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With our convenient, accessible location, comfortable boardrooms, friendly staff, digital recording technology, wireless internet, and hospitality, we can fulfill all your reporting and transcription needs in a timely and professional manner.

Trained - Experienced - Professional

PT-CRAO certified, fully trained, and well versed in the diverse client expectations Exceeding ministry standards, our team of fully trained and experienced reporters are prepared to meet your specific needs. With ease and precision our staff is educated in the diversity of our clientele. Here at Clearly Spoken we understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and provide an advanced level of service

PT-CRAO Certified

The Professional Transcriptionists and Court Reporters Association of Ontario is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of court reporters and providing expertise in court procedure and legal terminology. All our reporters are trained and experienced on the industry leading Liberty Court Reporter Program, which can be found in most courtrooms in Ontario.

Our court reporters are:
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    Trained and experienced in recording your professional and legal proceedings

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    Equipped to operate industry standard digital recording technology

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    Commissioned to administer oaths

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    Professional, tactful and upbeat

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    Hold the values of Clearly Spoken based on an innate desire to learn and developing skills and knowledge

Our place or yours?

Whether one of our spacious boardrooms or a location of your choosing, you can expect the same attention and detail whether you are in our house or we are in yours. Our certified team of reporters can travel anywhere in Southwestern Ontario and bring everything we need to ensure the highest quality of service for your business.