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With our convenient, accessible location, comfortable boardrooms, friendly staff, digital recording technology, wireless internet, and hospitality, we can fulfill all your reporting and transcription needs in a timely and professional manner.

Legal Transcription

Whether you need a transcript of an examination for discovery, a deposition, interview, court proceeding, PSA Hearing, etc., Clearly Spoken is unparalleled in court reporters and transcription services. We endeavor to meet every request and are equipped to transcribe from a variety of sources; including CD’s, MP3’s, and DVD’s.

Every Word Counts

With the increasing demands of todays business practices and the Canadian legal system, we confirm every transcript is subject to a rigorous process to create an accurate and verbatim account of your proceeding, producing a reliable and court approved official record

We certify every transcript is:
> Fully vetted for content and accuracy
> Scrutinized for precision in content and formatting
> Certified for accuracy of the record
> An accurate and official record of your proceeding
> Exceeding industry standards in formatting and uniformity