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Clearly Spoken implements a rigorous process to ensure every transcript provides an accurate and verbatim account of your proceeding, producing a reliable and court-approved official record.

Whether you need a transcript of an examination for discovery, a deposition, court proceeding, interviews, etc., we endeavour to meet every request and are equipped to transcribe from a variety of sources.

Each and every transcript is certified for accuracy and exceeds industry standards in formatting and uniformity. Our team of transcriptionists are dedicated to maintaining privacy and confidentiality when producing and delivering your transcript.

Ordering Transcripts

  • To order a transcript of a proceeding from our office, fill out the form below
  • To order a Court Transcript (e.g. Family Court, Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Justice, etc.) download the form here and email it to
  • To order a transcript from a Provincial Offence Act trial (e.g. By-Law or Highway Traffic Act Offences, etc.) download the form here and email it to
  • Other types of recordings such as interviews, discussions, phone calls, etc., please contact us for further information

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